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Household and industrial boilers and accessories, energy-saving equipment, etc. ICI CALDAIE

More than 10 years NEW TECHNOLOGIES GROUP has been supplying industrial and household boilers and components, energy-saving equipment, safety systems, plant components, control systems, boiler rooms. Our extensive expertise and using components from leading manufacturers is the main reason why the customers choose us.
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ICI CALDAIE is an advanced company operating in the heating sector, which occupies a leading position thanks to its continuous research and development of highly reliable heat generators.
  • experience

    The experience gained since 1958 has allowed the company to transfer the innovations achieved during the design and production of industrial steam boilers (a sector in which the company occupies a leading position) to commercial series boilers.
  • reliability

    The production of blanks is carried out using laser cutting and CNC machines; perfect welding of elements is provided by modern robotic complexes, each boiler is subjected to serious control, which indicates its reliability.
  • volume

    The plant annually supplies 12,000 commercial series hot water boilers and more than 1,000 industrial boilers, making this site the largest production site in Europe for the simultaneous production of both commercial and industrial series boilers.


Industrial and household boilers and components, energy-saving equipment, safety systems, plant components, control systems, boiler rooms
  • Accessories of the prom. lines ICI CALDAIE
    Accessories of the prom. lines
    alarms, pumps, etc.
  • Station Components ICI CALDAIE
    Station Components
    deaerators, tanks, etc.
  • Waste heat boilers ICI CALDAIE
    Waste heat boilers
    GXC, WHB, etc.
  • Modular condensate boilers ICI CALDAIE
    Modular condensate boilers
    TBX, TBX EXT, TBXL, WALL, etc.
  • Condensing with a base ICI CALDAIE
    Condensing with a base
  • Steel boilers ICI CALDAIE
    Steel boilers
    GREENOX.e, REX, BLUNOx.e, etc.
  • Boiler rooms ICI CALDAIE
    Boiler rooms
    CT et al.
  • Hot water boilers ICI CALDAIE
    Hot water boilers
    TNX, TNX EN, TNOX, REX, etc.
  • Boilers with diathermic oil ICI CALDAIE
    Boilers with diathermic oil
    OPX, OPX REC, etc.
  • Superheated water boilers ICI CALDAIE
    Superheated water boilers
    ASX, ASGX EN, etc.
  • Household line components ICI CALDAIE
    Household line components
    control panels, etc.
  • Management systems ICI CALDAIE
    Management systems
    eterm, Nereix, etc.
  • Solar collectors ICI CALDAIE
    Solar collectors
    PSP, PSS, etc.
  • Energy Saving Components ICI CALDAIE
    Energy Saving Components
    BAX, ECXV, ECO-G, FIN-e, etc.
  • Security systems ICI CALDAIE
    Security systems
    GSS 72, TSS 72, etc.
  • Steam boilers ICI CALDAIE
    Steam boilers
    FLASH, FX, BX, SIXEN, GSX, GX, etc.

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